Friday, March 13, 2009

New Shop, New Name

Here's a photo of the beginning of my office/shed. Things are coming together. I whitewashed the shed yesterday and painted the cedar trim. The old Habitat ReStore windows on the shed look great. I love them. Brian put the "shakes" on the roof. The shed looks awesome....what fun, what character! I'll take a photo of the windows so you can see them.

I'm off to pick up pickets and inside shed framing for the windows and door. Also need to figure out what color to paint the inside as well. Lots of details and lots of worry as the money just flies out the wallet. But then amidst all this stress and turmoil, I come back home and see the birds. It stops my mind and my body. I relax, smile, and remember why I'm doing this in the first place. Those beautiful beings calm me and remind me to slow down and enjoy my life. I want to help bring that to others and be able to share the experience with my customers and fellow birdwatchers.

And in the middle of all this process, I get a Certified Letter telling me that my business name is infringing on an already trademarked name. My heart sinks. The company with the Feathered Friend trademark is a Fortune 200 business. And because I had previously toyed with the idea of doing a name change for the business anyway, I decide this was the little push to go ahead and do it. The timing might be good and especially with the store being new, it is probably a good time to do it, anyway. So good-bye Feathered Friends Bird Feeding Service, LLC. Hello, Go Wild With Birds. A new shop, a new name, a new adventure.