Monday, May 4, 2009

Hummingbirds Have Arrived in the Fox Cities!

I'm sorry, I tried to zoom in too close and my shakey excitement got the best of it, but it really is a Hummingbird at my feeder this evening around 8 p.m. Really, it is. I have had Orioles and Rose Breasted Grosbeaks at the feeders yesterday and today, too. THEY'RE HERE!!!! heart is lifted, my spirit high.

I was rewarded after getting home on Saturday from a full day's work at the shop with the Grand Opening and other nearby shops having special activities, too, making it a very busy, bustling, customer heaven day downtown....anyway, I digress.....I was rewarded after a busy day with a Rose Breasted Grosbeak at my window platform feeder on Saturday evening. It was a beautiful ending to a busy customer filled day at the store. So, these days the birds lighten my heart and lessen my burdens of busy-ness. They remind me of why I am in the business in the first help others experience the fascination and wonderment of birds in our home spaces. There's nothing like it....that constant reminder of the beautiful wonders of our world right in our own backyards.

They're here, and they're beautiful. My heart is singing with them, filled with happiness.