Friday, November 21, 2008

Go Wild Hello

Hi All. My first attempt at a Blog here. Thought I'd join the flow and share some thoughts about wild birds, wildlife, and outdoors in general and get some conversation going with my fellow companions along the way.

I'm hoping this can be a place we can discuss bird feeders, bird feed, what works, what doesn't, and what we're all seeing in our Wisconsin Wonderland. Whoa...that's a lot of W's. I'll be whistling before too long......"Willlllllburrrrr!" Wasn't that from a tv show featuring a horse in the 60's or 70's? I forget the name.

So Welcome (oh no, another W), I'm glad you stopped by. Please post a note to me or others if you're Willing. Wahhhhlllleeee! (Leave it to Beaver?)

Apparently, this may also be a place to be silly. Marie

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