Thursday, February 26, 2009

Habitat ReStore Treasures

I love the Habitat for Humanity ReStore! My decorator Julie and I have decided on going with a "Potting Shed Shabby Chic" theme for the bird feeding store. And it is just too much fun! I told her today after our second trip to the store for more stuff and ideas, that it was like "hunting through a grandpa's shed" experience. You never know what cool old stuff you'll come upon and what you can use it for as character decorating. Our imagination was out of control. Hopefully, it will all go together and be spectacular, but if some of it doesn't work.....oh well, that's okay, it wasn't very expensive to try, and it sure was fun.

Here is a picture of some of the stuff we found on the first trip. Old wooden trim windows and screens. A round metal and stainless steel topped rolling table, some metal screen fencing. The cart is not part of the purchases. It just wanted it's picture taken, I guess.

We had a meeting at the shop this morning to discuss the layout plan. I'll need Brian, the carpenter-husband-of-Sandi-who-I-lease-from, to build me an office structure for my bookeeping and supply ordering work, and then we need a checkout table and some task work areas. I also need an area to dispense bulk seed from for customers, so we went back and forth about two different areas for that. Overall it caused me to become excited about it all over again. Julie, too, oozed with excitement.

I shared with Julie that yesterday I had met with my marketing team who is working on designing me some tags for my custom bird feed. The tag colors Nina had chosen correllated very closely to colors Julie had picked out for the store. It was almost spooky scary how these kinds of things are happening throughout this new adventure. Because not only were the colors similar, but there were exactly the same NUMBER of colors chosen in these two separate areas of the project. Julie and "marketing team, Janice" both said out loud what I was thinking, that "you just know something is right when things like that happen". I told Julie that I feel like I'm in a dream and all of these things are all falling into place effortlessly, like it's happening TO ME, instead of me making it happen. Hmmm.....but then again, I am living my dream.


RuthieJ said...

Wow Marie, I'm so excited for you. Do you have a "grand opening" date planned yet?

GoWildMarie said...

Thanks so much, Ruthie. I really appreciate you stopping by and wishing me well.

I plan to have a "soft opening" with not too much hoopla (I don't like the attention) on March 17, St. Patrick's Day. But that is only if all the construction, supplies, stock, electricity, etc., all go in without a hitch.

Right now I'm trying to figure out if I want a simple cash register that gives me no information about what goes out my door or a computer with Quickbooks installed that will tell me everything. But what happens if the computer goes down, will I still be able to open the cash drawer and make the transaction? These are the type of things going on in my head these days. LOL...but then I think about how much fun I really am having talking about wild birds and the ability to help people continue to enjoy their company!