Monday, February 2, 2009

Redpoll Vacuums

Feeder discussion will just have to wait due to the arrival of these darling new yard vacuums!! The Redpolls arrival are just too fascinating to not share with you. Their chestnut colored caps are adorable. I'm in the process of learning to identify the two varieties - Common and Hoary.

I'm debating whether the close up is a Hoary Redpoll. I think it has too much striping on the breast area however, even though it is more white than the others. I have invited some of the Wisbird Network readers to aid in my education and give me comments on the identification.

And just above the Redpoll, is that a Pine Siskin? I'm going to go back to my trusty guide and learn about the markings of that bird now, too. Bird watching can be so much fun!

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RuthieJ said...

Pine Siskins they are, Marie. I should have said that on your previous post too.
I was filling some feeders for vacationing friends here in Rochester and they have bunches of pine siskins too.