Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sorry For Lapse in Postings

Hi Friends. I must apologize for no recent postings. Upon my return from vacation I jumped right back into work with both feet! I've been working diligently on shopping for some attractive packaging for my bird feed mixes that I hope to peddle to some local stores. I've gone back and forth about using and not wanting to use plastic bags. I am committed to finding recyclable and reuseable packaging for a product that feeds wild birds. I think I've come up with some good options for my finished product.

So anyway, I'm back to share more thoughts and ideas with you, my patient pals.

I hope, in the next few postings, to start a discussion on bird feeders. I plan to take pictures of some of the feeders I've used and am using, with the pros and cons I have personally found in using them. Today I went out to my snow filled backyard to refill my feeders. I don't get to them as often as I compulsively did in years past, now that I actually have my own business and work long hours from home.

I fill my feeders with my own tested and loved mix, but I recently filled my under deck space and ground feeder with plain sunflower. Today when filling my feeders, I was thankful that I did start that practice because even though the feeders I usually put my beloved mix in were empty, the under deck and ground feeder still had black oil sunflower in that the birds were using as a "last resort". So, they are still getting fed, just not the caviar they seem to prefer.

So let me leave you with that idea today. That is, allow yourself to experiment and try different feeds or seeds in different feeders. Those of you that are also compulsive and collect feeders like I have, will have plenty of options to experiment with. And if you do experiment, please feel free to leave your findings or thoughts here and we can discuss them.

So until my next posting, I hope some wild birds find a well filled feeder out your window!

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