Friday, January 2, 2009

MIA, Found in Alabama

Hi Friends. I need to apologize for leaving without notice. I had so much to take care of with my bird feeding business before I left for my vacation, I didn't really take time to tell you I was leaving. Yep, it was my duty to bring my mother to her annual Snowbird trek down South. I was able to make my Internet connection from the condo finally, so I am here to tell you to call back the dogs, I am no longer missing.

I will be here at Gulf Shores, AL until next Friday when I will take the two day return trip back to Wisconsin. It is low 70's here currently with mostly cloudy skies. I understand back home it is single digit degrees. So, I guess I'm glad I had to do my duty and take care of my mom. I will be taking some time, not the usual amount though with the Gulf calling my name, to check in with all of you once again.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you are having an excellent vacation. Enjoy the warm weather.