Friday, January 30, 2009

Redpoll Rejuvenation

Good Day All. Was chastising myself for getting in a blog fog and not posting lately. I knew that I had promised to post some discussion on pros and cons of various wild bird feeders but couldn't kick myself hard enough to get going with it. Then something softer gets my attention.

Do you see them? Do you see those beautiful brown caps? Yes, Redpolls! Now I'm not the best at identifying juveniles and females of the bird species, but boy I sure can zone in on the men. So, if the birds along side the brown capped gentlemen are not female or juvenile Redpolls, would some of you please comment and let me know? Now, I was struggling with ID'ing some other birds that at the same time had been descending on the finch feeders with abandon. Those may have been pine siskins, and I'm hearing about those on the Wisconsin Bird Network, as well, these days. So I had gotten my trusty bird guide out and was studying that when these cute guys showed up. Now if that doesn't put a fire in a blog poster's posterior, at least this one's, I don't know what else will. So here you have it.....a blog post at last. Pushed by feathers.

I wish you plenty of surprise visitors in your yard to help your winter case of the drearies disappear! Ok, now time to bundle up and fill up...the feeders.

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RuthieJ said...

Hi Marie,
Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment on my blog. This is so strange.....if you looked back at the post I had about "Gone to the Birds" (my TV interview with Steph Anderson). I met Steph in person for the first time on Wednesday and found out that she's from Neenah, Wisconsin too and her parents still live there! Even more interesting, my dad grew up there and we still have relatives living over there. It's a small world after all! :-)