Friday, December 19, 2008

Today's Blog Tunnel

Went on a new adventure today. Went linking from other's blog sites. I dont' always know how I get to places on the web anymore because I just seem to wander with words (blog titles) that strike my fancy at the time. How freeing is that? So, back to my adventure, I found some neat jewels among the many, many blogs that are listed on sites I discover by links from other sites. A person could spend all day just wandering the web of blogs. I never knew. I'm sure there's plenty more I don't know about blogging and the web, but those things are for another wandering day.

So anyway, I was able to copy their blog addresses and put them on my blog page as blogs I'm following. I haven't had one person leave a comment on my new blog since I started. I'm afraid no one has found me yet. So I went exploring myself to maybe leave an imprint on their blog that maybe the blog author or one of their readers might also do some wandering of their own and discover me and my blog. Who knows?

And you know what? I just remembered that as I wandered I didn't once leave a comment on those blogs I read and enjoyed. Hmmm.....maybe I ought to do that next time.

It will happen if it's meant to. The important thing is that I've found lots of nature themed blogs. I've learned that I prefer the wonderment aspect, the art and poetry views to the more scientific slants. But what's cool is I went on an interesting trek and learned and discovered right here at my keyboard. I was lifted away to others' lives for a few moments this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I encourage any blog newbies like myself to go explore and see what you can discover in the nature of blogs.


Natural Moments said...

Hi Marie, I just started blogging a few months ago, and have found that the traffic to your site will grow exponentially as you visit others sites and leave messages in response to their posts. It is a lot of fun seeing a glimpse of other peoples points of view and some of the cool photos, poetry, and creative expressions people have to offer. Then, of course, there are meme's. Have you seen some of these sites yet?There are a few blogs out there that act as meme directories. If you would like, I can send you links to get into these circles where people from around the world exchange opinions and positive greetings over certain themed subjects.

Happy Holidays to you and I will be seeing you in the blog circles.

Vickie said...

Hi Marie. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you haven't found Nature Blog Network, pay it a visit. Its a great place to meet others that love and blog about nature.

Thanks for linking to my blog. I've met some wonderful folks this way and learned a lot about other areas. Happy holidays, Vickie

The Bokerns said...

Hi Marie,

I just read your comment on one of the Bird Photography Weekly posts that you've had a tufted titmouse in Wisconsin. I'm in WI too, Milwaukee area most of the time and far north at least once a month. Are you doing anything special to attract them or was this a fluke? I've never seen one here. Good luck with your blog...they are fun...I'm enjoying posting each week with BPW meme.
P.S. You wouldn't happen to be related to Chuck and Ann Rohrer in Wauwatosa would you?

Spirit Yoga said...

Hi Marie:

Thanks for visiting my Everyday Miracles blog as well! That is a great idea to visit other blogs -- I haven't spent a lot of time doing that yet. We both share a deep passion for birds -- as I mentioned, I studied them in university -- did a B.Sc. and M.Sc. thesis on them, in fact. But, after it was all said and done, I later learned that I just loved them for the wonderment of it all...