Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bird Sign Cards: The Mockingbird

After visiting Vickie Henderson's site (see my complete profile to link to her site), I was inspired to check my Bird Signs book and see what the Mockingbird's message might be. She stated it was the first bird to appear at her new bird bath which was part of her Winter Solstice celebration.

Whenever birds appear at odd or special moments in my life, it makes me curious about a possible message. I sometimes feel as though they are messengers.

Over a year ago I spotted a set of Bird Signs Cards, like Tarot Cards, in my local Bookstore. I pounced on it as something I might really enjoy. I have not found any particular way to share these cards with others before, but this blog might be a way. So, after learning about Vickie's Mockingbird appearance, I dug out my cards and here's what that particular Bird Sign Card has to say.

"The Mockingbird Card is associated with Adaptation. It's message is...Adaptation can help you accomplish your mission. It's Healing Colors are Gray and White. Here are some things to ponder from the ways of the Mockingbird: .....Have you always wanted to go on that Dream Vacation? If you have been pondering your vacation plans, entertain thoughts of a Southern climate, where Mockingbirds are numerous. If you prefer a Northern climate, consider Alaska, the northernmost range of Mockingbird. In either place , your body will adapt to the environment and you can have a great time, rather than feeling miserable and out of place.
.....Mockingbird's ability to learn new songs tells you that it is never too late to learn another language or relearn an old one. If a foreign language is beyond your time frame at the moment, then learn one lullabye in another language that you sing softly to your little ones."

......or to yourself as you go throughout your day or on a walk?

http://www.lullabies-of-europe.org/DK/DKFlash/DKSong.htm is an address to a cute one I found on YouTube.

The above is an excerpt from Bird Signs, Guidance and Wisdom From Our Feathered Friends Written by G.G.Carbone, Illustrated by Mary Ruzicka.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to try and get a pack of those cards. I do believe animals and people and situations are drawn or magnitized into our lives, so I do believe that animals bring signs and omens to our everyday lives. Great Post. I enjoyed it a lot.

Happy Holdiays.

Vickie said...

This makes me laugh. I wondered the the same thing about his appearance, especially since this was also the first time I've seen a mockingbird in my yard. But not until your post did I actually look up what Ted Andrews has to say in "Animal Speak" which is a book about messages and totems.

The messages include encourage ment in "singing forth your inner talents", "hearing the true song of others", "courageous" attitude about your inner purpose, using intuition to "follow your own path."

Fun way to enjoy our feathered friends...their personalities and behavior conveying a message about our lives!