Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How To Throw Wild Bird Party

Ever hang up a bird feeder and wonder why the birds don't come to it? Well it could be for several reasons, but one of the reasons is because it isn't causing a stir. It's my philosophy that in order to attract birds you need to throw a bird party. That means just one dish of chips and dip isn't going to do it.

I believe you should have at least three feeding stations filled with quality bird feed in order to make a bird party. Keep 'em filled, have a water feature, and multiple levels of bird friendly plants, shrubs, and large trees, and you will have one serious bird party happening every day. But the feeding stations need to be made up of feeders in styles that birds like to eat from and feel comfortable at. They need to offer enough room for multiple birds to eat at from one time. Such as screen feeders where birds can cling all over, or a platform where they can feel safe landing. Perches are ok for smaller birds, but even they limit the number of birds that can eat at one time. Therefore, no party can happen, and if no party, no other birds will want to stop by.

I've seen people choose bird feeders because they like the way they look....to them. Sometimes the most darling looking feeder will have no birds come to it unless the neighbors ran out of the good stuff and the birds are desperate. That's why birds may come occasionally, but would rather eat from the one down the street and won't show up regularly at your feeder (or it's because you use the cheap feed and the man two doors down puts out the caviar). See how it's a combination of a few different things going on at the same time? Bird friendly feeders, quality feed, natural bird habitat, and fresh water. With birds enjoying all the atmosphere these elements provide, other birds want to get in on the fun, too. And they will.

But why multple feeders? Because a few of them within 50 - 100 feet of each other will cause a stir. Birds will fly by, see other birds stopping, this will peak their curiosity, they will stop by and check it out too. When you have good quality feed (high portion of Black Oil Sunflower and other seed mixed in depending on the birds in your area and what they prefer to eat as a first choice, or what birds you want to attract) they will return often and will attract more birds with them. Then you have a bird party every day!

And you get to enjoy the show. Hooray for you.

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